Friday, May 13, 2011

Garden of Barnidge

Okay, a little hokey but it's our garden and I'm so excited.  This our first time ever gardening and I'm really no green thumb.  So we decided against the community garden idea just simply based on proximity to our home.  We decided on the raised bed garden and built the box....oh, we built a beautiful box.  Then I swiftly began to calculate the amount of soil mixture we would need to fill the box.  Well, that's where we got a little off track.  You see when you calculate the cubic feet of a 4' X 8' box you need to make sure you convert the depth of the box from inches into actual feet so that you don't actually purchase 500 cubic feet of soil!  So, we filled the box, planted the seeds and . . . . . drum roll please!

We have sprouts of radishes, lettuce and spinach!!  The girls race down each morning to check out the garden and the progress.

Keep watching and I'll post more updates on the garden.  Stay tuned for updates and pictures!!!

Can't wait to cook these herbs and veggies.

Happy Cooking!

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