Thursday, April 12, 2012

It Must be Bunco Night......

Yes, it's true, this Friday the 13th is Bunco night!!  Not sure what Bunco is, just check out more about it here at the World Bunco Association website.  What, there's a World Bunco Association???  Who knew.  Well, I literally just played in my first Bunco Night last month with some good friends and other moms in my area and we had such a fun night of laughing, dice rolling and stealing prizes!

It was time for me to figure out my prize for this month's Bunco Night.  These prizes can not exceed $5 and can be anything from a gift card, to a handmade item to something you bought at the store.  I decided this month it was going to be a handmade gift (with a surprise inside) and I had found the perfect idea in this great little book from my library called Pretty Little Cozy's.  This book along with many of the other Pretty Little series contain a number of fun, simple, and useful projects for the sewing enthusiast!

The "cozy" I chose to make is a Keychain/Card Cozy that you can use when you run those quick errands to the store or head out to the gym.  You don't want a big bulky purse so this little "cozy" is perfect.  I love how it turned out and since this one is a gift, I'm now going to have to make another one for myself.  I hope you enjoy taking a look at some of my project photos and perhaps you'll want to make a cute little "cozy" of your own.

Getting Started - Fabric Selection, Cutting, Pressing

Finished Pretty Little Card Cozy
It's Keeping My Cards soooooo Cozy
Add Keys and Your All Set

Now, I'll go pick up the "surprise" that's going inside my little "cozy"......this gift is certain to be a hit at tomorrow night's Bunco game!

On another note, if you love great giveaways (and who in their right mind doesn't?).  Bianca, over at just posted a teaser today about an awesome giveaway on her blog.  More details to come tomorrow but be sure to check out the amazing pile of prizes that are a part of this giveaway.


  1. What a nifty idea! Love the "cozy" =D

  2. I love your cozy! I have never heard of that book before...I might just have to check it out from my library...very clever you are! :) Thanks for the shout-out...