Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February = LOVE

Okay so it's the first day of February and of course if it's February that means LOVE!!

My oldest daughter was so excited for February to begin today that she was feverishly getting her Valentine's ready last night for her school friends, her little sister, her dad and of course me (mommy).  She was working, working so hard because as she so plainly pointed out, tomorrow is February and it's Valentine's.

I didn't want to burst her 6 year old bubble but I did gently let her know she had a few more days to get her notes and sweets put together for her friends.  She was picking just the right treats out of the pantry to go with the notes she made each of her friends.

I love this sort of innocence she still has and the kindness she is always spreading.  It makes me smile as a mom to know how much making others feel good means to her.  So, for those of you scurrying about to find that perfect gift to make your Valentine smile this year, remember it's truly NOT about the gift, it's about spreading the LOVE......and it should be spread EVERY day not just on Valentine's Day!

Have fun spreading BIG love in little ways every day!

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